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ClodPi Labs is a technology startup in IoT space, that builds products in low-power long-range sensor data network communication, using technologies like LoRaWAN®, Z Wave, Zigbee and NB-IoT.

About us

With the evolution of the Internet of Things, everyone understands the benefits it can bring to various industries like Smart Cities, Manufacturing, Construction, Transport, Health, Oil & Gas, etc. IoT can help with monitoring, mass (fleet) management, predictive maintenance, etc. Thus helping the industry to be more efficient, save energy and preserve resources.

Irrespective of the industry, all of the solutions in the above list need a reliable communication network to send and receive the sensor and actuator data. They also need to be low power consuming (when battery operated) and cheap (unlike GMS, which has a recurring cost), and easy to set up and operate.

ClodPi labs works in this space, to build and enable others in building solutions which leverages LoRaWAN for efficient low power private network for the sensors.
Our products include our own LoRaWAN gateways (indoor and outdoor), Network Servers (for secure and easy integration with the downstream applications) and various wireless sensor modules like metering (energy, gas, water, etc), temperature, etc.

It is said that by 2023, 80 to 90 billion “things” will be connected by IoT. We believe that LoRaWAN is going to cover 70% of the same. And that is our market size!
We strongly believe in cutting-edge technologies when made available to the mass as simple solutions bring success. We are a strong team of specialists in hardware, firmware and software, all working towards this goal.

We have built our own simple solutions, but solve complex problems. We keep our competition away by always being ahead of the industry in-terms of tech. For example, we have been researching LoRaWAN and building prototypes for the last two years. We are doing the same for NB-IoT.


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