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LightPi - (NEMA Light Controller)

ClodPi Labs - LightPi Lighting NEMA Controller® is a reliable remote lighting controller leveraging the LoRaWAN® platform ensuring the availability of the right amount of light where and when needed. Easily retro-fitted in existing LED street lights thereby reducing the cost of modification/upgradation and eventually transforming the existing conventional network into a smart infrastructure and enables.



  • LoRa Communication 

  • NEMA Standard luminaire compatibility

  • Remote switch On / Off / Dimming

  • 0 – 10 V dimming protocol

  • Environ Lighting

  • UV protected, IP 66 grade

  • Energy consumption meter at light level

  • Clock & Calendar based luminaire control

  • Remote management



  • Approximately 50% operation cost savings

  • Reduction in energy waste and pollution

  • Contribute towards SMART City

An in-house design for Smart Street light is customizable as per the topography of the site, environment parameters and the site requirements adhering to the local compliances.

We provide LightPi Lightning Controller® technology capable of customization, automated, ease of monitoring and thereby resulting enhanced energy efficiency over a standard lighting solution.

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