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ClodPi Labs 'ATOM Hub for Home Assistant Update - Oct 2022

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Sometime back, ClodPi Labs did announce about 'ATOM Hub for Home Assistant' device - enabling connectivity across platforms with Matter protocol support, leveraging 'Home Assistant Operating System' (HAOS) and its latest application for an improved user experience with SMART Devices*.

The latest update from ClodPi Labs is about the look, pricing, online pre-order, shipping and more for Americas, European and more market regions:

Pre Order:

'ATOM Hub for Home Assistant' will be open for online preorders for all the markets** from 2nd week of November 2022


Tentative pricing is expected to be between 200$ to 250$ plus worldwide 25$ Shipping charges.


The device will be pre-loaded with the latest version of HAOS alongside the new Matter-enabled hardware.

About 'ATOM Hub for Home Assistant' device with upcoming Matter-ready Hub for Home Assistant:

“With "ATOM Hub for Home Assistant", ClodPi Labs starts on another new voyage onboard with many people by enabling smarter living thereby improving everyday life. With Matter protocol-ready hardware and compatible with Home Assistant's OS, ATOM Hub is built to seamlessly integrate with cross-platform devices. And to add more, it is compatible with Home Assistant latest user-friendly application for smart device onboarding and configuration.”

Know 'Matter' standard:

In December 2019 - Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung SmartThings and the Zigbee Alliance announced the collaboration and formation of the working group of Project Connected Home over IP. The project aims to simplify development for smart home product brands and manufacturers while increasing the compatibility of the products for consumers. With ClodPi Labs targeting for a November ATOM Hub launch, we are expecting a lot and lots of supported devices from various brands of SMART Devices.