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Water Meter Reader AMR
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A Smart Water Meter 

A Smart Water Meter is an essential solution to measure, monitor, control, optimize and carry out actionable tasks to reduce water waste and optimize activities directly resulting in controlled costs and a more sustainable usage habit. To enable and achieve this, ClodPi Labs (India) Pvt Ltd has come up with Automated Meter Reader (AMR) - a sustainable technology-driven solution for conserving water and practicing green concepts for residential and commercial buildings, guaranteed to make users more conscious of their water usage.

How does it work?

The solution devices once installed and configured, enables the system users to monitor water consumption patterns on the system's dashboard enabling the organization to set targets to achieve water efficiency and cost reductions.

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User Benefits

Identify high usage (Daily / Weekly / Monthly)

Monitor the benefits of water saving initiatives.

Control Operation Costs

Fast and easy implementation.  

Enable ideas for water saving initiatives

Cloud based managed service solution

Site wise water consumption data

Past Water consumption data and tend analysis

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